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Wingiby Iggiby


Howdy, Lona (I’m nerdy too, btw). I love to draw, read, and write as well! I used to take voice lessons, but now I’m taking an art class and joining an AHG troop. I took a few dance classes too, but let’s just say I’m not a natural 😛

And ya know, sometimes talking to yourself is needed, especially when you haven’t seen any other human beings besides those in your family for MONTHS.

My writing is not the best, and I have never finished a book. I guess I just like to write in short spurts. *shrugs* Anyway, both of y’all’s fantasy worlds sound so cool! The novel I was trying to work on is a fantasy, too.

I hope to see you around!

— Wingiby Iggiby

I light the arrow, pull the bow,
Shoot that fire right through my soul.

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