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Wandering Timberwolf

@mischievous-thwapling thank you for the warm welcome! Haha, call me all of them if that suits your fancy 😛 It’s nice to meet you!

Lol, I think we’re in the same boat as far as the math goes 😉 As it turns out you would have actually not gotten the years right if you did the math though, since I didn’t include the entire story of my life in my post xP We moved to Malawi when I was 7, but then we spent two years back in Canada on deputation since we switched sending organizations, so I’ve lived in Canada for about a total of 9 years, plus a few visits in between.

Thank you! It was my sole project for around 18 months, so it felt awesome to finally have it all down on paper, even if it’s far from being the final product.

Oof, that’s a good question xD Honestly the absolute dumbest has to have been when I was 8 and decided that stabbing a tree with a pocket knife was a good idea. The pocket knife folded and sliced my index finger quite deeply, requiring a trip to the hospital and several stitches. Not my brightest moment, especially considering the tree never did anything to me xD How about for you?


Nice to meet you! Haha thank you – this name (or a variant) and this profile pic tend to be my go-tos whenever I join something 😛 Mhm, living in Africa is quite cool! Haha, I have traveled quite a bit and I still love meeting people from other countries xP If you were given the opportunity would you like to travel?

Ahh, nice! What sort of outdoorsie things do you enjoy? Some personal favourites are jogging, swimming, biking, hiking and canoeing/kayaking, but I don’t tend to turn up my nose at other things!

Indeed I did! And tbh I’m still trying to figure that out… Sheer stubborness is probably the best answer xD Creating a thorough plan ahead of time definitely helped though.

And thank you! I probably won’t have as much time for this forum as I would like, but I definitely plan to pop by every now and again when life lets me 🙂


Hey! Oh, good question. The basic premise is that a group of voyageurs is forced to survive the winter in Northern Canada after their canoe goes down in rapids. Finding food and beating the elements is a large enough challenge, but added into that mix they discover that their canoe was actually sabotaged and the saboteur himself is trekking back into the wilderness with a group of thugs to collect their cargo that he swapped out from their canoe. It’s far from a perfect novel, but for a first draft I’m at least moderately happy with it xP And I certainly understand what you’re saying about reading your old writing xD Most of mine is probably best left untouched 😉 Kudos to you for finishing a novel when you were 12 though! That’s seriously impressive.


Thank you, I’m glad to be here!

We actually have an agriculturally based ministry! Most of the people in Malawi are subsistence farmers, but with an exploding population and farming techniques that are draining the soil there is less food each year. We teach a sustainable method of farming that yields higher results, and we’re able to use that as a springboard to preach the gospel. Our first two years in Malawi we basically just went to a different village each weekend and showed the Jesus Film and preached, but we quickly realized that while we were seeing results, we couldn’t minister only to the people’s spiritual needs, plus discipleship is sorely needed here. What we’re doing now is quite different, but we feel like we’re making a much bigger impact. And yes, we do on occasion work with Muslims! The area we’re in is about 60% Christian and 40% Muslim (though those distinctions are largely cultural and tribal, not based on personal faith), so it’s an interesting mix!

Good question! I actually just started my last year of highschool yesterday, so after that my plan is to take a gap year, and at least half of that will be ministry based (though likely not in Malawi). From there I’m planning to become an EMT in Canada, but after that my plans are less solid. If possible I would like to do something along the lines of emergency disaster relief, but we’ll see where God leads me. I could easily see myself doing medical ministry abroad or becoming a missionary in some other capacity, but I really don’t know what God has in store for me at this point, and he could even be calling me to serve in North America!

The novel I just finished was historical fiction, but at the moment I’m in the outlining stage of a fantasy trilogy! I’ve also dabbled in dystopian and have a number of ideas for dystopian novels, although those aren’t my priority right now. How about you?

(haha no, you’re good xD)

Thanks! I am quite partial to the username myself 😛

I’ll definitely keep that in mind, thank you!

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