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Not far enough back to be medieval, but not close to present day either. Few in Ganiel know how to build towers of stone, but there are a few places that have mastered it. Wood homes (not in urban areas) and stucco homes (in urban areas) are quite common.

Almost the whole world are farmers or merchants. Cities and rulers employ soldiers. Almost the whole world has a grassy/or pine forest type of feel. There is no magic in my world/universe.

A favorite time to write about…I don’t really have one. 😀 I haven’t written a story in the same place/time-period yet. But many (outline-to almost publishable) in spread out places/times. (:

Oooh, sea dragons. The only non-human things in Ganiel are living stars (no one knows), water people made of water (trade regularly with the namus/people), and one type of tree that is alive (believed to be a legend).

World building has truly been fun. (:


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