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Urwen Starial

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    Rhioe was still sitting on the sofa where Logan had left her, but thanks to Leona, her ankle was splinted and the pain had lessened. The house was filled with a comfortable silence that Rhioe had soon grown accustomed to, when suddenly, the door burst open. Logan stumbled in, his face red from the cold and his eyes filled with some sort of dark sadness that Rhioe couldn’t explain.

    “Are you okay?” She asked, fiddling with one of her loose strands of hair nervously. Logan sank tiredly into one of the chairs, and a worried looking Leona came into the room.

    “Is everything okay? I thought I heard-Rhioe . . .?”

    “It’s fine.” Rhioe responded, “It’s just Logan.”

    “Thank goodness.” She said, sounding relieved. “How did it go?”

    “Tears sparkle like fallen stars, the world at our fingertips, We didn’t know, It wasn't happiness.

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