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Emberynus The Dragonslayer

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Introducing Ian and Korynth my two newest characters to be introduced. 🙂

Two shadowy figures walked swiftly down the dark street. A group of children playing by the corner of a building looked up at the rhythmic sound of the heavy boots. Their eyes widened with fear and, dropping the loose bricks they had been building towers with, they crept off into the darkness, casting hasty glances over their shoulders. As the figures neared the building, a gleam of light from one window fell on them. It flashed across the mockingbird pin on the uniform of the shorter man as he turned towards the light and stopped walking.

He sighed. His companion stopped as well and for a few moments they stood there, motionless and silent in the darkness. Finally the second man spoke.

“What’s on your mind Korynth?” he asked quietly, his eyes on his friend’s face.

Korynth sighed again and gestured through the window, “Look Ian,”

Ian slung his strawberry blonde hair out of his eyes and looked where Korynth had indicated. The window looked in on the kitchen of the small house. Inside stood a young woman with two small children. The children were thin and pale as they tugged on their mother’s dress, apparently begging her for food. The woman was sobbing with her face down in her hands. Ian swallowed hard.

“What are we doing, Ian?” Korynth whispered, “There’s no way we can pretend we’re helping these people. You saw those children in the street; they’re afraid of us,”

Ian bit his lip. “I know Korynth. I don’t know what we’re doing either. It feels like nothing!” he sighed too. “I wish we had something we could give her. But even our rations are little to nothing these days,” he leaned against the wall. “And we haven’t gotten paid in months,”

Korynth leaned against the wall next to him, with a dismal nod. His hazel eyes were dim with sadness.

“I’d gladly give her my own lunch. . .” Ian let his words hang while in his mind he finished with: If it didn’t already go to my own mother and siblings. “I wish things could change. . . somehow- get better! I wish I could fix all this,”

“I know. . . I do too,” Korynth’s voice broke.

“We just have to do our best. Work harder I guess. Maybe we can somehow stretch our food a little further so we can help these people,” a cough shook Ian’s frame.

Korynth looked at him quickly.

Ian shook his head with another harsh cough. “I-I’m fine. I just,” he slumped to his knees against the wall, still coughing.

Korynth knelt beside him in the snow. “Ian. . . that coughs sounds even worse tonight,”

Ian’s face was pale in the moonlight. “You sound like my mom,” he said, with a lopsided grin. “But I’m fine.”

“Have you gone to the doctor-”

“No Korynth,” Ian interrupted him “There are so many people at that hospital; they don’t have enough room. There are people in this city a whole lot worse off than I am. I can make it at least a little longer,”

“But Ian. . . what if you can’t?” Korynth’s voice was quiet and grave as he looked Ian in the eye.

Ian’s face looked white, but his cheeks were flushed. His dark eyes sparkled with fever. He swallowed hard and looked at the snow, “I know Korynth,” he whispered “You’d take care of them wouldn’t you?”

“I promise. You’re my best friend. I’d do anything you ask. But- I’d miss you,”

“Don’t get sentimental,”  Ian’s grin was weak.

Korynth pressed his lips tightly together. His eyes glistened. “Ian.”

Ian’s eyes grew wide with surprise and anxiety “Korynth, you’re not gonna cry are you?” his tone was pleading as he reached out and laid a hand on his friend’s shoulder.

Korynth bit his lip hard. Slowly he stood up and reached down his hand to Ian. Ian grasped it and let Korynth help him up to his feet.


“Don’t mention it,”

Suddenly Ian’s radio crackled to life. Logan’s voice split the static, “Officer Wolf do you copy?”

Ian’s expression changed as he grabbed his radio, “Yeah Logan, I’m here, what do you need?”

“I need assistance arresting Jin, the kid we’ve been suspecting,”

“Alright. We’re on our way Logan.” Ian looked at Korynth, “You ready?”

Korynth drew a deep breath and nodded. But Ian read his expression. “I know Korynth. I don’t want to do this ether,”

Sold souls and dead promises

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