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    For El

    if you went on a walk or jog in your neighborhood, what would you notice?

    not much, probably. I’d be focused on pushing myself so i beat my cousin next time we race.

    do you have a good voice?

    not really, it’s passable, but i’m not one to sing much.

    do you try to fit in or not care what other people think?

    definitely don’t care. I’m going to say what i want and act the way i want. That’s part of the reason i try not to go into to town anymore, i’ll say something that will get me in trouble.



    do you prefer white chocolate, milk or dark, or no chocolate at all?

    what is your view on little kids/ babies, do you like them, not know how to act around them, find them annoying?


    what kind of student are you/would you be, procrastinator, all A student, doesn’t care, etc.



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