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      My WIP family:

    Priscila:  60 year-old grandmother;  has cataracts;  loves Jesus first, then her family;   always has a proverb or wisdom quote to “make the situation easier”

    Nic:  23 year-old grandson of Priscila;  broke his leg on purpose so he didn’t have to enter the race (that backfired, so now he has a permanent limp);  really nice despite his tough background

    Arris:  19 year-old “brother” of Nic;  has a “blood-not-clotting” disorder, so he’s always in danger of dying if a wound is too big;  parents abandoned him;  lost in his ways and thinking–only lives for family

    Hanna:  17 year-old “sister” of Nic, Phebe, and Arris;  doesn’t know who her father is;  mother is Myra;  has a tendency to spite people;  nonstop trains for the Race  (also MC)

    Phebe:  9 year-old “sister” of Nic, Hanna, and Arris;  was a thief at the Souk (market) when Hanna found her and took her in;  has a tiny build and is very fast and sassy

    Myra:  Hanna’s mother (who is killed right before Hanna turns 18);  she was found by Nic and Arris, deathly sick and still trying to protect Hanna, so they took her in and healed her


    The end!


    If something goes wrong in your life, yell "Plot twist!" and keep going. 😎🍰

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