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    What’s up, Kariel, I’m Ella (and an ENFP too ).  I agree with Gracie–I love your name!

    As an author, I write thriller/suspense, fantasy, and speculative fiction.  All with a little romance in it.   I’m writing a story about a girl who participates in a race to win freedom and honor, but it comes at the cost of leaving her family (an odd mix of people who aren’t related at all 😉 ) who she loves more than anything.  She knows that the government is corrupt, but she doesn’t have the courage to fight it until she sees the horrors of the race.

    Ta-da! The end.  (I’m interested in both of the genres you write, so if you want beta-readers, I’d love to help!)

    And as a person, I love reading, talking, people, cats, chai tea, rainy days, sunny days, butterflies, Story Embers, Scrivener, developing characters, drawing maps, Jane Austen, piano/cello duets, and sleeping.

    That was unnecessary but fun.

    Annyywaayys, nice to meet you.


    If something goes wrong in your life, yell "Plot twist!" and keep going. 😎🍰

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