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    20. What makes you angry?

    “Angry? Impudence…Or thoughs who are led by emotion instead of facts or logic. And then, further, those who impress those opppressive emotions on the unprotected ears of society. Yes, that is it. Oh, and disobedience. That I do not tolerate in any form.”

    21. What are you ashamed of doing?

    *Chest clenches* We really have to get into this now? (Mental, Grrr, but doesn’t show it.) “I know we’ve already made this clear, but? No one will be seeing this, right? It is indeed private? Good,” *settles into his chair* “then I shall proceed.

    Ahem, let us start at the beginning. Or,. actually, the teen years would be more beneficial to the conversation. I can not remember anything I’m ashamed of in childhood. Note: I did just make a specification; teens are no longer children. Nor should they be treated that way.

    Anyways…” *Shakes his head slightly* “I’m beating around the bush, aren’t I?” *Smiles wanly, but it disappears to his normal stoic face, then disgust* “I was a real jerk to Jason. The man who cared enough to take my mom to court to gain full rights over Cathy and I.” *Shakes his head slightly* “Yep; I was a real ##*#.”

    (Cash did not curse God. He used a crude word. He does not swear or curse for fear it will offend the Almighty he doesn’t know.) Anyways…back to him:

    “I suppose I’m ashamed of…cheating on tests in high-school. I did that intermittently, and was only caught once. I was able to talk myself into a retake, and thereby escaped a failing grade. Thank goodness, (not that ‘goodness’ is what helped me.) It was manipulation, and attention to my teacher’s state of life and mind.

    That might be it. I do feel sort of bad, sometimes, for not spending time with Ruby’s children. We have thirteen after all…and I don’t even remember most of their names?” *Winces* Why did I ever agree to having children? *Large sigh.* “We’re expecting another one in October. Another baby.” Ruby is a strong woman… *Smiles sardonically/sarcastically….* “At least I remember that.”


    Passion means to be willing to suffer.

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