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    YOU CAN DO IT!!!! (‘If you will to, and act on such.’ … a quote) (:


    18. What do you hate?

    “Hate?” *After a millisecond of no idea so many things and people rush to mind.* “My mother.” *Lips twitching as he tries hard to not show his fury* “Mr. Dune, or Wang, or whatever he really is. Jakes,.. And Carbon.”

    (Cash’s first (out of two) murders was Elias Carbon. Carbon had shot Clarence in the back.)

    “The doorbell when at home. Impudent judges. Gaudy district attorneys… Juries that won’t sway to my client’s side, even with all the facts and or emotion I put to them,..” *After a second’s mental fury, he calms,..then shrugs,* “I likely will think of more in a minute.”

    19. What do you fear?

    “Fear?” *inside his chest shivers, but he doesn’t show it* Really? I don’t even answer these questions when Ruby asks them… (Though he had with Clarence…) “Um,” *swallows hard, runs cold hands along his slacks.* (His hands are always cold.) “Jail. I, I do not want to go there.” *Goosebumps form on his arms, but are hidden by his jacket.* “And hell, for that matter. I live in fear that it really exists…and that I’ll never find a definite answer of how to avoid it.” *Looks down, chews the inside of his lower lip.*….

    *More thought* “Cathy. That she’ll learn what I am trying to do. The sadness and fear that will be in Ruby’s eyes when I reveal everything to her at its completion…” *His entire bottom lip has disappeared into his mouth. He shakes his head….then smirks at his own weakness.* “Who would have thought I feared so many things? I certainly wouldn’t have.” *takes a warm, truly grateful breath.* “My mind would never have asked thisĀ  question of myself.” *Looks up at me, eyes warm.* “Thank you.”

    (Cash is always open to correction and revelation. He wants to be better at whatever he sets his mind to do.)


    Passion means to be willing to suffer.

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