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    For Adrian, Hanna, and Genessa:

    1. If you could change one thing about the way you looked, what would it be?

    Hanna:  My hair.  It’s thick and long and dark, but it’s really really hot.  Even when I cut it.

    Adrian:  I don’t know–toned abdominals?

    Genessa:  I like the way I look.

    2. What’s your ideal job?

    Hanna:  Uh, I have no idea.  I just want to get into the city.

    Adrian:  I’d like to be able to help kids train to get into the city so they can be part of the next gen.


    3. If you could pick, would you have siblings or be an only child?

    Hanna:  I’d want to have siblings, personally, but I want to give my child everything.

    Adrian:  Siblings.  I’d like to have even more than Genessa, though.

    Genessa:  I would be an only child.  It hurts me to think I might finish and Adrian won’t.

    More Questions:

    1)  Coffee or tea drinker?

    2)  What ethnicity are they (one or more)?

    3)  When was the last time they cried?

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