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    @claire-h Yep, I also love picking up books at a bargain. Some of my favorite places are second-hand bookshops. Or any kind of second-hand shop (which usually has books as well).

    Your story sounds like it’s going to be fun! Memory wipes – you’re going to have a blast writing it!  And yes, it is always difficult to know when to stop planning and when to start writing.

    hi! Thank you for the welcome!

    I’m currently between projects, but plan to start working on a fantasy story about a Storyteller who discovers that one of the nobles of the city she lives in is planning a coup. She has to choose between revealing him and risk her family being killed, or remaining silent and the city (and country) falling under his tyrannical rule.

    Herewith, maybe, you will rekindle hearts to the valor of old in a world that grows chill. ~Círdan

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