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Would you rather be able to erase your memories or be able to erase other people’s memories?

Dayton: *very stiffly* “Mine. There’s a lot I’d rather be rid of.”

Alan: “Uhh . . . well, since I don’t really have any memories I really want to be rid of and other people do, I’ll erase their bad memories for them!” *grins at Dayton*

Dayton: *snorts*

Rob: *expressionlessly* “Others.”

Jim: *looks at the floor and swallows* “Guess I’d erase some of mine.”

Megyn: *ponders a moment, sober expression on her face* “I think I’d rather erase other people’s memories. Not matter how difficult some of mine are to think about, there are gems to be gleaned from their ashes. And I know others who have worse memories than I do.”

Would you rather lose the ability to lie or believe everything you’re told?

Dayton: *snorts* “Obviously, I’d rather lose the ability to lie! To be so utterly gullible is-disgusting!”

Alan: “Uhh . . . believing everything I’m told could lead to a lot of laughs,  . . .but also a lot of mistakes and looking like an idiot . . . I think I’d rather lose the ability to lie.”

Rob: “Likewise.”

Jim: *nods*

Megyn: *nods* “Me too.”

Would you rather your significant other married somebody else and was happy or stayed with you and was less happy?

Dayton: *bristles* “WHY are you ASKING ME this type of question AGAIN!? I -”

ME: *in a VERY FLAT voice* “Just. Answer. The question.”

Dayton: *glares at me like I’m a poison for a few seconds, nostrils flared* “Fine. I’d rather have him marry anybody but me for whatever reason gets him out of my life! THERE HAPPY NOW!!??”

ME: No. But it will do.

Alan: *looks shaken* “Uhh . . . *blinks* “If-If it made her happy, then I guess I would -survive.” *tries not to look like he’s about to cry*

Rob: *matter of fact-ly*”Since I don’t have a significant other, I’d rather they’d marry, someone else and be happy.”

Jim: “Yeah, same here.”

Megyn: *without hesitation, though very seriously and a little sadly* “Their happiness must be more important than my own. I’d rather have them marry someone else.”

New Question: Would you rather be ignored or be criticized?

Psalm 119:11
Your word I have hidden in my heart,
That I might not sin against You.

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