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I find myself wanting to do a few so here goes–

Respect Women Juice:

Wyatt–drinks a water bottle full of it without taking a breath and concludes with a really loud burp

Theo–sniffs at it suspiciously, looks up to see his little sister in fairy wings and a tutu dancing around the kitchen, and downs it like a shot


And a few rewritten Vines.

Sadie: Theo, let me see what you have–

Theo: a KNIFE!

S: NO!


Wyatt: Dear diary, today I couldn’t find my diary, so I’m writing this on both of my Kung Fu Panda 2 DVDs


Wyatt: *falls through ceiling*

Theo: hey Ron

W: hey Billy

I say I won’t buy any more books until I’ve finished the ones I have, and then I laugh at myself.

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