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    14. Who do you not like?

    “Basically anyone. Myself included. It takes a lifting of my lip, to make me like someone. I need to get a happy ‘jump in my chest’ when I see them living their lives.

    But I don’t need to like someone to have an interest in their future. My wife’s children, for an example. I will pay them all through college, but only if they apply themselves. I give them whatever Ruby sees fit to give.

    I don’t want them all to die. I don’t want them to end up with felonies or rotting in prison. I don’t care for them…but, I wish them to have a good future. To succeed in whatever path they choose. To have a good name, if nothing else, though maybe living in a gutter.”

    *Mind twisting…realizing his philosophy makes little sense to most.*

    “I am starting to like Ruby, maybe. But, she is mainly a responsibility. A promise to fulfill. I usually do not regret our marriage. I care about her and the children we’ve born, for the sake it is my responsibility to do so.”

    15. Do you have a pet? What kind?

    “A pet? No. I suppose some of the children have animals… I just don’t know any of their names.

    When I lived with Jason there was a small, beige dog. Very bouncy, and smiley. I acted like I didn’t like him then.” *Regret* “But I do now.” *Shakes his head,* The foolishness of youth!!

    “I am glad I don’t have to deal with the children and teens in my care. There would be too much pain and unruly emotions for the return. Or, better yet, the leaving and rejection that would follow.”

    16. What hobbies do you have?

    “Hobbies? Oh my. I like reading. A lot. About almost anything. But philosophical books and religious material are the most read. Almost all of it is hopeless drivel in the hopelessness. Makes one wonder if there is any point to life? Still, I hold onto the possibility that there is a God, and do my best in life not to offend Him.

    I spend time with Ruby as well. during almost all the time I’m not working, (which isn’t very much to tell the truth). One of the few conditions of our marriage was that she would always be available to me when I wanted her. She is worth every drop of sweat. Her company is good. Except for when she nags me to pay more attention to the throng of children.

    I silence such quickly, you know. It was also part of the agreement. We could have as many children as she wanted. I would provide them whatever needs and wants they had. I just wouldn’t be a part of their lives, for I didn’t and never would have time or the love for children.”


    Passion means to be willing to suffer.

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