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Anne of Lothlorien


    I have a few answers for some of the questions, the ones I felt most related to my villain’s character and struggles, so I thought I’d post them for y’all to read if ya want. He’s not… he’s not a true and dastardly villain like most people think, like Sauron or Hitler or Stalin or the White Witch. He’s… complicated. But here goes!
    (His name is Blanke, and he is the governor of the region the book takes place in)

    4. As a child did you ever love someone? If so, who?
    Yes. My father. He was the single person I looked up to in my life. My mother could have cared less about me. She left the family when I was four. But I never really resented that because my father was still there. He took care of me for years. Loved me. Until… *looks away*
    7. Who has hurt you? In what was were you hurt?
    My father. He became so consumed with his work, with the Auris, that I fell by the wayside. I was of no more import to him than a stray child off the street. I worked for him, helped him, and yet each day felt him recede further into himself and away from me. The last time I saw him he told me that it didn’t matter whether he saw myself again. The only thing that mattered was his work, his precious work.
    8. Is there anyone you currently love?
    My daughter. Trina. She’s 7 and the one beautiful thing in my life. I would do anything to keep her safe. Even lie to her to hide the truth of what I’m doing, because it would hurt her more than she could see at the time.
    18. What do you hate?
    Incompetence. Conceit and vanity. *disgusted snort*
    19. What do you fear?
    Being powerless. Being forgotten. Falling, like my father, into the void of unremembered individuals who fade into history like stains scrubbed away from a clean shirt. My mark will be left permanently. I promise you that.
    22. What line will you never cross?
    Hurting my daughter to accomplish my goal. God forbid it should happen this way, but if my choice was between Trina and the Master’s position, I would choose Trina. She’s everything I have left. I’m everything she has left.
    34. Do you dream?
    Don’t we all? Of course I dream. I drift off in the middle of meetings to wonder at the the future. I fall asleep to crazed hallucinations of random things. I wake screaming from nightmares. I cling tightly to sleep, begging to replay that one scene over and over again. Of course I dream.
    35. What dreams, if any, make you wake in a cold sweat?
    *face tightens and jaw clenches* The one I’m not speaking of.
    36. What dreams, if any, bring you peace?
    *face softens* The ones where my wife is back. The ones where I am happy again. Where my father is proud of me. Where my family is whole.
    37. How are you admirable?
    I will not give up. I will do what it takes to reach my goal. To be a man unlike my father. To have people remember me. I won’t give in, give up, or give over.

    This was super fun, Gracie! Thanks for posting these!

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