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    For Radoslav, my current MC:

    1)  How do you want people to see you?

    I’d like people see me as a good person–kind, brave, hardworking. But the people I really care about love me even when I’m not who I’d like to be. That’s the most important thing.

    2)  Would you rather have a desk job with a high salary, or a social job with a low salary?

    I’d dig ditches if it paid enough.

    3)  If you have a crush/spouse/significant other, what do you see in them that no one else sees?

    She thinks she’s tough–she is tough, but she has a gentle soul.


    More Questions:

    1. Is there a place you haven’t been you’d love to visit?

    2. What are the three most influential factors in your life?

    3. Who are you in your group of friends, i.e., the smart one, the daring one, the quiet one?

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