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Mischievous Thwapling

    @anne-of- lothlorien

    Sorry it took me a little while to get back to you! I’ve been really busy lately.

    I am a girl, and yes, I know! I like it when I can sorta visualize what a person looks like when I’m either responding to them, or reading their posts 😉

    Wow! We have even more in common than I realized!  I also have 3 brothers, and 3 sisters, and I’m also the eldest girl; though I am third oldest instead of second.

    I know!!!!! I’m sooooo happy that this many people on here also LOVE the Wingfeather Saga! And it’s so nice to have people I can nerd out with my about my *cough-cough-obsession-cough-cough* Hmmm, I wonder why people are coughing so much.. maybe allergies. 😛

    Thank you!! I always thought Thwaps were so funny and amazing, so, naturally, I wanted to have one for my tag. 😀 And, while we might have a deal on the totatoes, I cannot make a promise on the sugar-berries XD

    Thank you, Lady Anne. I know what you mean, I always try, but I never quite can explain the Wingfeather Saga to people…. I also usually end up tripping over my words and shaking my head a lot.  It’s like there’s something about it that’s too complicated and deep and beautiful to spill into words.

    I think I’ve heard part of the audio books, but I not all of them. I did listen to Andrew Peterson read them live on youtube for a while when he was doing that, and I have to say it was amazing… And lol, I don’t mind.  I LOVE it when people get as excited over the Wingfeather Saga as I do.

    And sure! Here’s a few:

    -The Wingfeather Saga (Obviously, lol)

    -Ashtown Burials

    -The Unwanteds (When I say that, people usually think it’s about a bunch of people feeling un-wanted, but I actually would describe it more like: “The Hunger Games meet Harry Potter.” Actually, I’ve never read either, but I’ve obviously heard a lot about both, and it’s what the back-of -the- cover -review said, and I thought it was pretty accurate XD.)

    -The Mysterious Benedict Society (The author just released another book)


    -Wings of Fire

    And.. I could keep going on and on and on, but I’ll stop here, lol.  I’ve never read the Lord of the Rings (that’s why it’s not on here) but it’s literally the next thing on my reading list, and so many people speak so highly of it, that I’ll bet it’ll make it to my top twenty. (And top twenty isn’t an insult, that just how much I love reading, lol.)

    And yay!! Definitely tag me if you do 😉

    And good, I’m glad it doesn’t sound weird.  Sometimes I’ll say call someone a friend but the person will be kinda uncomfortable, like I said it too early, so I was trying to not do that here… And I also use that phrasing! I’m happy to be able to officially call you a “Wingfeather Saga friend”, Lady Anne. 😀

    You’re 18 then, right?  I’m 13.


    Writing fantasy is the delicate art of making the unrealistic seem realistic.
    ~Tom B.

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