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    Here’s for Erkan again:

    1. What is the best gift you have ever been given?

    My grandma once bought me a really nice camera for my birthday, so I could keep a photo record of my tattoo designs. That was a great gift. But my best gift…I suppose it really came from my friend Rama. He gave me my life back.

    2. What things/people really make you angry?

    I get angry when I see people–my people–getting treated like dirt. When someone I love is being hurt and I can’t stop it.

    3. Have you ever had a nickname; if so, what is it?

    My little sister used to call me Loopy. Not sure if it was meant to be a nickname or an insult. But she doesn’t anymore…probably because she thinks I really am.


    New Questions:

    1. Have you got any pets?

    2. Any irrational fears (fear of spiders, etc.)?

    3. If you could visit one place you’ve never been, what would it be?

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