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Dear Anne,

I’m so terrible at responding and I really am so sorry that I’ve neglected you like this!  The message you just sent was so sweet and so kind – thank you, it made my day <3 I’m doing all right.  Life has been so packed full that I don’t know half of what’s happened between now and when we last talked.  A lot of things have changed, and I wish time didn’t pass so quickly.  But God has been so faithful and merciful to me in so many different ways.  How have you been, my dear friend?  Are there any ways I can be praying for you?

I’m going to try and respond to the last post that I’ve missed.

Yes, that would be so delightful.  Oh my goodness, though, I wish it could happen.  I would love to get the chance to meet you in person.  I’ve loved receiving the newsletters/emails you’ve sent out : )

Wow, that’s so cool, Shira – what neat and creative ideas for your story.  I would love to see what you do with them.  Your passion is infectious ; ) And I admire that you are thinking on creating a collection of short stories/poetry with those themes.  I don’t know if you’re still working with that, or if you’ve finished by this time, but I’m still up for brainstorming if you still want me ; )

Unfortunately, I’ve not had much time (or much motivation recently) to work on any stories or projects.  I’ve had dreams for a few years now of novels or collections of poetry, but have only scratched the surface of where I’d like to be :'( But I’m starting to get back into writing again, though I feel rusty and worse than ever, which is discouraging.  Actually, have you heard of Radiate Literary?  I’m afraid I can’t explain them adequately, but they’re a website by young writers for young writers… you know, I’ll just put the link here and if you’re interested you can read their “about” page xD But I just starting working with them and it’s been motivating and really neat to see all that’s going on.  They’re still pretty small at this point, which I really like.  Anyways, that’s my writing life right now… we’ll see what comes of it : )

Any books in particular that have caught my fancy… over the last year, I have to say that I’ve come to love Stepping Heavenward, by Elizabeth Prentiss.  Every time I read that book, I am struck again with how much beauty and wisdom is shared by the main character’s walk with God.  The book follows her story from 16 all the way through married life and beyond, in the format of her journal.  It was a very encouraging read for me.  I also just read Christy, by Catherine Marshall for the first time, and also fell in love with that story, too.  It’s so raw and such a beautiful and heartwarming (and inspiring) book : ) What new books have you discovered recently, Shira?

Our area was rough at first (our family lives in the greater Seattle area, WA) but I’m grateful that our family has not been affected too badly so far, other than being inconvenienced.  More of what’s been bothering this area recently are the riots in downtown.  It’s just a reminder to me of how broken our world is… I cannot wait for the day when Christ will return and take care of all of this.  How have you all been doing?  Are you still restricted?

Thank you so much for keeping contact with me, Shira – that really means a lot to me <3 Would you be willing to keep contact with me through email?  If so, my email is:
If not, that’s okay : ) I am really trying to do better with responding more promptly – please forgive me for this delayed reply!

I just realized that for the most part I’ve referred to you as Shira throughout this entire longggggg message.  Well!  I’ve missed you my dear Anne <3 <3 Praying that you have a restful night tonight!


Emily Byrd Starr (or Libby)

"Young people, you must pray, for your passions are strong and your wisdom is little."C.H.Spurgeon

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