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Anne of Lothlorien


I’m 18. I’ve had the waitress job for a year, ever since I graduated high school, but it’s time to move on now. How old are you?

I’m pretty excited to teach my brother. He’s a very intelligent child for his age, and I think it’ll go a lot smoother than when I taught my sister. She was in the ‘you’re not my mom, you’re my sister and I don’t have to listen to you’ stage, so… yeah, that was fun. 😛 But I’m ready for this new challenge!

That’s amazing that God’s given you answers and assurance about your future! Do you have a special someone in your life right now? 😉

I too have a list that I’ve made of what I’m praying my husband will be… it sounds kind of… I don’t know, wrong? somehow, sometimes to be making a check list, but… it does help to keep your mind focused on the things you’d like your husband to be, cause just cause he’s a super nice person doesn’t mean he’ll be right for you. I’ll probably meet plenty of young men I get along with just fine, and I already have, but they won’t all be the right ones, obviously. 😀

I’ve also been writing letters to my future husband since I was sixteen. I’m filling a journal that if God wills, I’ll give to my fiance one day for him to read.

That’s awesome that you want to be a missionary! I’ll pray you find leading and that if God gives you a husband you’ll share this vision to reach people.

Why am I passionate about the handicapped… well, I’ll try not to take two thousand words to tell my story…

Four years ago I read a book called ‘Left to Die’. It was about a missionary nurse in China who rescued a baby from a trash pile. The baby girl had been thrown away because she was underdeveloped and had club feet deformity. That book broke my heart. It hurt me to think that all over this world there are people like that, children and even adults who have been abandoned and neglected because they’re different, because they’re slow or don’t fit in as expected. I prayed that God would give me opportunities to work with handicapped and special needs people in His time, and it’s been a burden of mine ever since.

Fast forward one year and my little sister was born with Down Syndrome. I know it’s never a good thing when a child is born with a disability, but I knew this was God answering my prayer. This was the start… a child like the ones I wanted to help, right in my own home for me to help nurture and teach and love. She has been one of the biggest joys of my life and I’m so grateful for her.

So now I’m looking into taking classes that’ll help me become better and teaching and being with special needs people. I want them to know that even though they might be rejected by this world because of how they look or act, even though there might not be many people here who love them, God still loves them. They may seem ugly or deformed to the world, but God made them so very, very special and He thinks they are beautiful. I want to show them that because God cares for them, I care for them.

So I hope to be able to volunteer at different places, and if I get married it’ll probably be a serious consideration to adopt special needs kids, if my husband shares the same feelings.


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