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    All right, here’s the map.  I put a filter on it to make it more clear.  If you have trouble reading anything, shout out to me.  Go crazy with fonts and colors and designs–this is to practice with, after all. 😉  Do whatever you want with it.

    Oh, real quick, “the North” is where the “bad guys” live (which is “their” on the map), so if you want to make the colors get darker as you get closer north, I think that’d be kinda cool.

    And the season is autumn, which you can already tell.

    (Btw, you might be thinking “she got all her directions wrong!”  I did, kind of.  I envision it like this, plus, if you look at if upside down, it makes sense. 😊  If it’s confusing to you, go ahead and change it up. 👍)

    Anyways, I think that is all…  Have fun!!  (And thanks 🤗)


    If something goes wrong in your life, yell "Plot twist!" and keep going. 😎🍰

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