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    Does it sound really weird that I want to sit down and play with your hair for a while? It sounds so beautiful!

    No, and thank you! I play with it too. (: I have a friend named Liberty who just walks up and starts to run her fingers through it when she talks to me.

    What’s her name?

    Ericka (the name I gave her)…Jordan (the name my father gave her, because my mother wouldn’t let him name my little sister that)….Midnight-Star (my mother’s name for her, because she likes frilly words) 🙂

    She goes by Ericka though, unless she’s in trouble. Then it’s ‘Ericka Jordan’. (:

    I also sometimes call her ‘Aria Jo’

    And what’s your sister’s name? Is she older or younger?

    Bethany is her name. Bethany Isabelle. 🙂

    She’s happy she wasn’t named what my four-year-old self wished to call her…Diamond. (: I’m pretty happy my parents turned me down now too.

    Thank you for answering my Jesus questions!

    Good answers. I liked you before…But now I really like you. I would like to be friends/get to know you better. 🙂 What do you want to do with your life? Do you want to get married? How many kids would you like? Do you want a career, or be a stay-at-home mom?


    Esther! Yes!! The irony, the brilliance of God!!! How He masterminded the most amazing plot, that would have made any author crazed with joy over the characters! In real life! Wow. What an account.

    What’re they about?

    ‘The Mark Of A Lion’ It starts with the destruction of Jerusalem, and Herod’s Temple. A girl is taken captive to Rome, and sold as a slave. It delves deep into the wickedness of Rome (humanity) but still has a bright light shining in the darkness. The book is about this light (MC) and how the darkness reacts to Christ’s unconditional love.

    Very good.

    Have you read it?


    Here’s one of my all-time favorite collages so you can get an idea…

    It’s very beautiful.

    Big Hero 6

    Yes! So beautiful! (Zootopia is also pretty good.)

    Pretty much all the Pixar’s are great as well, except Brave. Sorry if you like one, but I thought it wasn’t that good.

    I didn’t even know Pixar did ‘Brave’? I saw it in theaters when it came out. My mom didn’t like it, and I haven’t been allowed to watch it sense. I don’t feel the urge to watch it (if I’m not allowed, why desire?) And I don’t remember anything about it, except images. (I can recognize pictures, and know it’s from ‘Brave’.)

    Though warning…there are a few swear words


    My brothers and I are actually going to a coaster park soon, at the end of August and I am sooo excited!


    Martin Hospitality

    I put it on my list of books to buy. (:

    Lord of the Rings…

    You caught me just in time. A girl was over tonight, and her birthday was a few days ago… I almost asked her if she’d like them for her present… Then I remembered asking you to change my mind? So I didn’t. (: I will read them. ‘You have conquered me.’

    I get that it can be daunting to start a three book series of astronomical proportions and flowery language,

    No, the size is great. Flowery language? I can get used to. (: Have you ever read ‘Winnie-The-Pooh’? I was stuck talking like a stuffed-animal until a few days after I finished them. At some points I caught myself thinking like a stuffed animal…

    Have you seen the movies?

    I saw the movies a few months ago…a bit too graphic in the well-deserved gore and vile-lookingness for me. Where I liked the story-line, I wouldn’t want to watch them again because of that.

    My favorite movie of them was the second Hobbit.

    And, yes, in almost everything, books are better than the movies. (:

    Okay, don’t get scared by the crying.

    I’m not. I’ll let you know when I start to read them…and if I cry. (:

    But I’ve only cried over a book twice before. Twice on movies. Why? I’m the type who reminds myself it’s all fake, to keep myself from crying. (My father would no doubt tease me about crying over fictional characters…) I would tease myself.

    One book I shouldn’t have cried about, it was fiction, but, a puppy was being abused and… Yeah. The other was ‘Matthew’. I’m fine crying over the Bible. (:

    The movies. One was a true account of a puppy, abused again… Oy. The other was a fictional one, at the point a baby dinosaur was drowning…

    I have cried over characters in my stories though… When I’m disappointed in them, or they’re grieving…or they die…


    Passion means to be willing to suffer.

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