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Anne of Lothlorien

@wingiby-iggiby – I’m The High Queen. I… don’t quite know how good a queen I’d be, but I guess not knowing is part of it, right? My older brother would be my Throne Warden, and then another brother would be the Song… Lad? What are they called if they’re boys?? And then three Lore Wains. 😀

Where do you live now?

I might look up those books. Historical fiction isn’t my top favorite, but I do enjoy it.
Some of my favorite Andrew Peterson songs are ‘World Traveler’, ‘Labor of Love’, and ‘Mystery of Mercy’. What about you?

Let’s just say it again… WINGFEATHER WINGFEATHER WINGFEATHER!!!!! 😀 Isn’t it just so awesome to have people that love it as much as you?!?!!

Yes, all those people I adore… and Sarah, and Gammon, and Maraly, and Armulen, and yes, even poor Gnag. I cried for him so much. :'( The stories are indeed true… I was trying to win a friend over to fiction and fantasy books and I told him a line I’d emailed to a friend… “Just because the stories aren’t real doesn’t mean they’re not true, and when you realize that, it’s the beginning of something amazing.”

This is another way I described how Wingfeather made me feel… it’s a little dramatic …
“It breaks your heart and stomps on the pieces and you feel like your life will never be the same again. The tears won’t stop. Everything is dark and hopeless. Then the story reaches down with gentle hands and pieces together the broken bits of your heart with the healing of the kingdom and the hope of the first well, and that’s when you realize that this story breaks and heals because that’s life, that’s what it is, and it’s only because of the pain and heartbreak that you can see how very precious and beautiful the life and the healing is and it just about kills you with the deep beauty of it all.”

That’s the best I’ve done at describing these books. It was originally in all caps with many spelling errors because it was texted to a friend through tears when i finished reading the last one again. 😀

P.S. I love your signature. Nice job of changing the song lyrics. 😉 I used to sing ‘God is great, books are good, and people are crazy.’ XD

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