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Anne of Lothlorien


    Yes, I’ll do one of your characters!

    So, the things I’d like are…

    – Character information – (name, gender, age, height, hair and eye color, etc. in case I have to find a character picture on Pinterest, etc.)

    – Any graphic art you already have for your character

    *Just so you know, I use pictures that are not one hundred percent free to the public, like off Pinterest, so these character collages can only be for private use. 🙂


    If you want to do one of my characters, I’d love it if you could draw my current WIP’s MC; Felicity Ann Jones. She’s about 5’7″, very tan skin, chestnut-y red hair that’s usually in a braid under a newsboy cap but always wisps out in front, brown eyes, straight nose, and a very few freckles. The outfit she’s in in the beginning is a plaid sleeveless blouse and dark jeans with a backpack.

    – Any color scheme you’d specifically like for the collages

    – Any quotes and/or themes you think will fit your character

    – Any specific objects/backgrounds/props, etc. that you want included/that have significance

    – Any other random info/details you’d like included. Get as specific as you want!!


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