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    Well, if anyone’s seen Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, they’d know that Thanos is one of the best villains ever. 😋  But really, he is.  I think what makes him such a great villain is his strong goal:  to destroy half of the population to make life better for the other half.  Obviously, that’s evil, but he didn’t have evil intentions.  He truly wanted to make life better for people who had nothing.

    That said, I think villains who believe they are the heroes are the greatest and most memorable.  The jerks who are evil because “it’s fun” to be evil are hard to like and relate with.  (I hope…😜)  Even the vengeful ones who think “you hurt me so I’ll hurt everyone else” are cliché and hard to appreciate.  Books with those villains don’t have that “it factor” that makes them unique.  Remember, bad guys are people too. 😉  Books sometimes tend to dehumanize villains, as well, which cuts you off from them even more.  Villains need to be relatable, but not similar, appreciated, but not loved.

    All that condensed into one little sentence:

    Villains need a clear goal that’s not “destroy the world”, strong conviction and resolve, and a unique spark that makes them come alive on the page.  Villains should be just like protagonists in that they have quirks, habits, loves, and hates.  It’s what makes them human.

    Oh shoot, that was three sentences. 😉

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