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    Dunya, yet again…

    1. If your character lived to be an old man/woman, what is something they’d say?

    Hmmm…”You’ve no idea how good you have it.” That’s what I’d say. To my grandkids…or whoever. Everyone.

    2. Do/Would you believe God is real, and why? Do you believe the Bible, and its account of Jesus of Nazareth is true?

    Of course I believe in God. I’m here, aren’t I? But this is really three questions, not one. Do you believe in God? Do you believe in the Bible? Do you believe in Jesus? Surprised you didn’t ask me if I’m baptized…are you trying to say you think I should go to church more often?

    3. If you could choose any superpower (previously thought of or new), what would it be?

    Superpower, my goodness. Never thought of that. I suppose I’d like to fly.

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