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    For Lucky:

    1. *Blows air out his lips* “They don’t kid around, do they? Personal stuff, sometimes…” (Abandoning his daughter and wife) “Uh, usually a woman…” A woman he never plans to see again. He knows it’s wrong, and is ashamed of it… Yet he doesn’t change, or want to.

    2. “Physical or emotional? Never mind, forget I asked! I have a scar on my foot, pretty long, but straight, from a bike accident as a kid. A few other non-descript ones that just appeared or aren’t worth the mention. Yup, that’s it.”

    3. *Chuckles through his teeth* “I’m sure they say a whole **##* of a lot of things about me.” Smiles again, and shakes his head, “And I say the same about them too no doubt.”

    New Questions:

    1. If your character lived to be an old man/woman, what is something they’d say?

    2. Do/Would you believe God is real, and why? Do you believe the Bible, and its account of Jesus of Nazareth is true?

    3. If you could choose any superpower (previously thought of or new), what would it be?


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