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Naiya Dyani


    Kedori forced a smile, eyes watering. I’m Kedori. Thank you–for helping him. He met the woman’s eyes. Can I come with you if they let you help him? . . . if it’s not too much trouble. I work in the back office in the third sector. His gaze lowered. I haven’t seen Kiet in such a long time. I want to be there for him in any way I can. He looked up, eyebrows twisted. I know he would never do anything wrong. Not on purpose. I wish– He gritted his teeth. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t bother you like this. 


    Once they’re done here, you can give Megyn a bit asking for permission or not as you choose, and then we can move on to the next day with Kiet if that works for you. XD

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