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Naiya Dyani

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    How my guy characters drink their Respect Women Juice:

    Kedori: in small sips so it doesn’t spill

    Kiet: with a straw

    Dari: drinks whole thing but intermittently because he has to keep stopping to chase his toddler sister

    Tai: blows bubbles in his before draining the glass

    Gerik: takes a sip, curls lip at taste, drinks only half of it

    Kokai: pours the whole thing down the drain


    Grace: I have a headache that comes and goes

    Tai: *enters room*

    Grace: aaand it’s back


    Tai: *pokes fun at Kiet*

    Someone else: *pokes fun at Kiet*

    Tai: *balls fists* what did u just say


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