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    For Anna, the main character of a previously-written story (she’s coming back.)

    1. If you could instantly become an expert in something, what would it be?

    I’d love to be an expert at life, but that’s too general. If I was a better cook, I know my husband would be happier, so maybe I’ll pick that. Yes. I’d be an expert in the kitchen.

    2. What’s in the trunk of your car right now?

    Well, it’s my husband’s uncle’s car, actually, but they let us use it. Right now, as far as I know, the trunk is still full of dirty pots and pans and dishes from the party we catered last night. I haven’t got around to clearing it out yet. There’s probably a bag or two of stale rolls in there, too.

    3. What’s the best gift anyone’s ever given to you?

    Can I say my new baby son, Sasha? Does that count?

    Questions For The Next Player:

    1. Where were you born?

    2. What makes you laugh?

    3. Have you ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse?


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