Fearful Wonders

June 10, 2021

I am fearfully made

In this garden of wonders

Where sun dapples down

Upon bench and bed,

Upon creeper and crocus,

With shoots lancing quickly up,

Defiant through dampened earth.


I am wonderfully made

In this garden of fears,

Afraid the sun will hide its face

But gazing upward anyway,

Setting my roots down deeply

And soaking up the gift of life

While the fireflies dance with glee.


I am completely made

Even as I grow and change

As season rolls into season

And the great Gardener paces on,

Treading lightly and gravely

Under setting beams of sun,

And teaches me how to touch the sky.

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  1. Emily

    Beautiful, Graham! I like it even better than “The Idea of Flowers”!


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