By K. A. Grey


Here I stand amid the ruins,

Here I seek for answers

Through thoughts riddled in confusion,

The chaos clinking together

Like iron fetters.

My very thoughts are ringing,

Forged in silence, chain by chain.

Release me, for I am bound.


Here the desolate streets wail warning,

Away, away, and flee,

For Night hunts with dark feet,

And pure waters have turned bitter.

The dust is roaring, panting

Beneath my running feet.

Oh, call to me, for I am weary.


Here the Voice whispers,

“Turn again, for broken promises

Lie beneath the waves.

The hands that held back the water

Are scarred, for you have forgotten.”

Ah! Save again the captives

From their land and swiftly recompense.

Rescue me, for I am lost.


Here the promise glistens.

Sweep away, sweep away

The remnants of this crumbled habitation,

For the dust must arise,

For the flower must arise,

Bathed in ashes.

Teach me again the meaning of surrender,

For I am broken.

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