Erekdale (n.) [location] | AIR-eck-dale | fm. Old Norse erek, meaning eternal ruler, and Old English dæl, meaning valley; 1. Valley of the Eternal Ruler

Long ago, Erekdale was a lush and uncivilized valley, protected from the outside world by a draconic thunderphoenix. This majestic creature used his abilities to protect the quaint valley of Erekdale from anyone who entered. Kings and emperors sent armies to defeat the thunderphoenix and conquer the fair land of Erekdale for gain and glory, but none survived the thunderphoenix’s wrath. When challenger after challenger had been met and defeated, no one else dared to enter the hidden land.

No one, that is, until Morrea Firebird. A seeker of beauty even where so much blood had been shed before, she slipped over the high mountains that surrounded Erekdale and entered the forbidden valley, catching the thunderphoenix off guard. Enraged at this humiliation, the thunderphoenix threw all his strength against Morrea, but to no avail. His flames could not harm one who sought to unify, heal, and rejoice in beauty. His rage grew to such a heat that he was consumed by his own power. Morrea grieved at this and buried his ashes in the heart of the valley.

But a thunderphoenix always resurrects. And when this one did so, the love that Morrea had sown with his ashes so transformed him that he was nothing like his former self. Rather than a forbidden valley, Erekdale became known as a haven for all kinds of firebirds, dragons, and other seekers of beauty who journeyed to see the secrets of that wondrous place.

But few who wander into that valley ever discover its true secret.


We unify. It’s in our name and in our hearts. Through our writing, we attempt to bring together the depths of earth and the heights of heaven. With both eyes fixed on our Eternal Ruler and both hands planted in the valley’s soil, we write stories that bring the heights and the depths together in a way that transmits the Ruler’s light to others. We do not shy away from darkness, but instead strive to impart hope to those who dwell in it.

Guild Operations

We are a band of writers who help each other through the mountains and the dark depths of the valleys—the highs and lows of our writing and our faith. In our day-to-day life as a guild, Ereki comes together to learn how to more effectively shine the Ruler’s light into the valleys of this life. We do this through lengthy topic discussions, writing exercises, critiques, regular support and involvement, and collaborative projects.

Guild Master: Martin Detwiler

Martin Detwiler is a paradoxical fellow, full of odd contradictions and quirks. From his earliest years, Martin has loved stories. At first, reading appeased the artist’s itch, but the transition to writing didn’t take long. He’s never gone back since.

Martin’s greatest inspirations are J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, both of whom stirred up a passion for stories that combine the aesthetic and the true to give readers an experiential glimpse of God’s reality. Martin lives in Akron, Ohio with all his hopes and dreams, most of which are still intact.

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