SE Podcast #17: Common Sins Writers Struggle with

September 21, 2019

As humans, we’re prone to a multitude of sins. Today Josiah DeGraaf, Hope Ann, and Brandon Miller discuss two specific sins that they and other writers tend to struggle with: envy and pride. They share their own experiences and give practical tips on how to conquer these issues. Listen to their conversation below!



What piece of advice would you give your beginning-writer self if you had the chance? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Eden Anderson

    Wow, great episode! I know I struggle with both of these sins and it’s so easy to just push them onto the back burner and bury myself in writing.
    I really appreciated how you kept on pointing back to Christ and how we need to find our identity in Him and not in our writing! This was both a convicting and encouraging episode. ❤️

  2. Michael_Stanton

    Very well put, Brandon! It’s hard to know how to face it until you do, but Christ truly is the answer to any sin problem we face. We all need to keep pointing each other back to the true hero of the universe so we can find our place in His story.


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