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Why You (Probably) Struggle with Characters

God designed human beings to be complex, multifaceted individuals who bear His image.

That’s a tall order for writers to depict on the page.

As you’ve attempted to create realistic characters, you may have wrestled with the following questions:

Why don’t readers relate to my protagonist?

Why isn’t this character behaving the way I want him to?

Why do people keep saying my characters are flat?

These challenges are all connected to one common thread:

Your characters aren’t lifelike enough.

The Core Truth You Need to Embrace

All of us are precious in God’s sight, and no one’s life is meaningless or bland when viewed through the right lens.

If that’s true of people, it must be true of characters.

But when you haven’t stepped into your characters’ shoes, readers won’t be able to either, which leads to the problems described above (and more).

If you can deepen your understanding of your characters and portray them at an intellectual as well as emotional level, they’ll leap off the page.

How to Embrace This Truth

Our Top Resource Recommendations

Over the past several years, we’ve compiled a wide range of material on this subject. Browse the following suggestions to see which items fill your current needs.

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Other Recommended Resources

We didn’t create these resources ourselves, but we highly recommend them.

Reference Guide

The Emotion Thesaurus

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