Welcome, weary artist.

Camp Artifex is a guild focused on visual creations. Here watercolors may flow off the page, hands may be covered with paint, markers may be used until their ink runs dry, and paper and pencil may be your constant companions.

Artifex is a place for artists of any medium—paint, pen, digital, paper, clay, or anything else imaginable. It’s a community that promotes discussions on what being an artist means, a space for critique and accountability, and a place for you to breathe and commune with like-minded creators.

Our guild is built on this idea: “The very existence of great stories and stirring music and good art is a sermon itself. That anyone at all in the world would set their sad heart and tired hands to the work of wreaking beauty out of chaos is a monument to Grace. It reminds us of light and high beauty, and it laments the world’s greatest sorrow. It gives the heart language to rejoice and language to mourn.” -Andrew Peterson

Though we treat our craft with sincerity and passion, Camp Artifex is a guild where we have fun, encourage each other, participate in art challenges, and spur one another to grow our skills.

So, pick up that paintbrush and start creating.

Guild Master: Christine Eaton

Christine Eaton is a college student in Southern California pursuing a major in English and Education. She is passionate about storytelling and art, and her walls are covered in her own sketches and paintings. She shamelessly spends her TV time watching cartoons and can rarely be found not listening to music.

Christine is excited to be a part of Story Embers and heading the social media department. She enjoys meeting new people, so feel free to shoot her an email at christine@storyembers.org if you want to make a friend.

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