Spring is in the air, and I express my exuberance for the season by splashing paint onto a blank canvas. Sometimes, as in the case of this painting, my excitement arrives so early that I sketch out buds while I’m still lounging around in sweatshirts and woolly blankets. But it’s officially spring now, and I can respectably unveil my work without it contrasting too starkly with the current weather.


When I discovered a photo of these birds on Pinterest a while back, I knew they’d be the perfect addition to the tree. I used Anita’s acrylic paint (available at Hobby Lobby) and accomplished the background look by using a dabbing method.


This month we often think of crosses, tombs, and resurrection. But sometimes God tells us the story of hope through the little things, like flowers blooming after a harsh winter. I hope this painting reminds you of His redeeming and creative power in the everyday affairs of life.

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