Breakthrough Strategies for frustrated writers

Finally break free of the writing ruts that limit your success

Writers often expect their journey to be a series of gradual steps that lead them from their first novel to eventual publication.

But in reality? Writers get stuck.

A lot.

And it isn’t long until you find yourself trapped, like a hiker wandering around a plateau vainly looking around for the next trailhead, with no idea how to scale the vertical rockface. 

Writing plateaus pose a threat to storytellers in their careers. Wander too long without making any growth, and this can lead many to throw in the towel and give up on the whole endeavor.

What you need is a breakthrough.

And you need it before you’re desperate enough to consider giving up the whole enterprise.

Hey! My name is Daeus Lamb. I created the Breakthrough course because I’ve seen many writers struggle to get off the writing plateau they’re currently stranded on.

I certainly know what it’s like to be stuck on a writing plateau myself.

About four years ago, I found myself struggling to make headway with my writing. But it wasn’t because I didn’t know what I was doing.

In actuality, I knew a lot about what good writing looked like and what my stories were trying to accomplish.

But that knowledge wasn’t making a difference yet.

Here was my problem. When I’d explain my premise or my character’s goals to my beta readers, they fell in love with the idea! But just reading the story, they’d miss half of what I was trying to convey. They were confused about what was going on. They felt like the story dragged on and didn’t get to the point quickly enough. And certain plot points and sequences were hard for them to follow.

I felt like banging my head against the wall. These were exactly the kind of readers I was writing for. They should be loving my book. They were telling me that this was the kind of story they ought to be loving.

But I could never get them to see the actual story I was trying to tell.

And no matter how many times I tried to take this problem on with just a little more determination or a little more elbow grease, all my attempts to muscle my way through it led to the same old results.

I was stranded on a plateau.

And I needed  a breakthrough.

veThat’s when I decided to change tactics. Muscling through with my current tactics wasn’t working. But what if I started approaching my writing differently.

Over the years, I began trying out some new techniques and strategies.

The results?

    • I began to advance my writing as much in 1 month as I had in the previous 6-9 months.
    • I began to trust my own ability to write and stopped second-guessing the things I was doing right.
    • I gained major confidence boosts as I saw just how much better my writing could get.

And I finally broke past that writing plateau.

Now, when people read my writing, they see the story I’m trying to tell. They enjoy my writing. And when they don’t, I know what I need to do to make it work. I see the progress I’ve made as a writer. My growth is no longer stagnant, and I have confidence in my abilities to succeed in my vocation as a part of it.

What caused this radical transformation?

For starters, I stopped believing that doing the same old things I had been doing would lead me to different results.

More importantly, however, I started following new strategies. I wasn’t just passively reading more books or articles online about what good writing looked like. I was getting my hands dirty engaging in specific practices that actually enabled me to break past my plateaus.

When I changed the way I approached my writing, I not only broke through the writing plateau I was on four years ago and achieved better results. I also gained the tools I needed to move past future writing plateaus as well.

I made this course because I want to teach you to achieve that same transformation.

So what is the Breakthrough Course?

The Breakthrough Course is a series of video lessons that gives you the tools you need to break past four common writing plateaus that often stagnate storytellers’ growth:

    • The novel they just can’t fix no matter how many times they come back to it.
    • The writing lessons they can’t master no matter how many books they read on it.
    • The time management they can’t learn no matter how many times they attempt to make time.
    • The marketing overwhelm that always makes them feel guilty that they aren’t doing more to build their platform.

If you’re just trying to grind your teeth and push your way through these problems, you’ll keep running into them bigger and worse than they were before.

But with the right strategies, you’ll know the exact tactics you need to use to avoid running into these problems and become that writer who’s finally making progress in their writing again.

So what’s  the cost?

We know. That’s the question you’ve been asking since halfway down this page.

There are a couple of different ways to price a course like this one.

One approach is to consider how much the weeks, months, and even years of progress you can save if you’re not banging your head against failed strategies and price the course based on how much you could accelerate your writing. By that approach, we might be talking a couple thousand dollars worth of saved hours, time, and frustration.

Another approach is to tally up the hours of experience, research, planning, and work we put into this course and use that to determine how much we think it’s worth. By that approach, we might be talking a hundred dollars.

But we didn’t want you to keep watching your dreams slip out of your grasp and leave you stuck on the plateau you’re currently trapped on.

We wanted to make sure we were charging a price that was affordable for any writer who’s found themselves in these shoes and is ready to make a getaway and escape from their current situation.

That’s why we’re only charging $19 for this course.

While the time, money, and experience it will save you is worth a lot more than that, we wanted as many people to be taking this course as possible so we could enable you to transform your writing life.

What People Are Saying about the Course…

“This was so encouraging and motivating. I need to bookmark it and just listen to it when I feel discouraged.”

Coralie Terry

“Cultivating a Mindset for Success really helped me think more seriously about my writing.”

Bojidar Marinov

“The Mindset Course was the perfect splash in the face to jumpstart my imagination and determination to succeed as a writer! I was expecting to go through the course passively, picking up a few tips and some encouragement, but I ended up with two index cards packed with notes on both sides.”

Rachel Rogers

“Daeus equips students to confidently tackle some of the challenges professional authors face.”

Jane Maree

Are you ready to break past your current writing plateau?

Click the button below to enroll for the course.

About the Instructor

Daeus Lamb

Daeus Lamb

Daeus Lamb is the author of God of Manna  and currently serves as the community manager at Story Embers. In addition to those pursuits, he runs Excelsior Writing School and a YouTube channel dedicated to analyzing the fantasy genre. He loves juggling words. He also loves people, fictional or real (but he doesn’t juggle them).

“We resolve to be teachable, weighing the advice of others because we always have room to grow, and to be humble, acknowledging that we are not writing the greatest story but merely pointing readers to it.”

– Christian Storytellers Manifesto

Story Embers

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