Breakthrough Strategies for Frustrated Writers

Escape the writing plateaus that limit your success
“This course tells it like it is. A lot of the lessons really hit home for my life.”
Sam Mulligan

Writers often expect their journeys to be a series of gradual steps that lead them from their first novel to eventual publication.

But, in reality, writers get stuck.

A lot.

Soon you find yourself trapped like a hiker on a plateau, vainly searching for the next trailhead, with no idea how to scale the vertical rock face in front of you.

Writing plateaus pose a threat to your career. If you wander around too long without making any forward progress, you may be tempted to give up the whole endeavor.

What you need is a breakthrough.

And you need it before you’re desperate enough to quit climbing.

Hey! My name is Daeus Lamb. I created the Breakthrough course because I’ve seen many writers struggle to move past the writing plateaus they’re currently stranded on.

And I’ve been in that situation myself.

About four years ago, I couldn’t seem to make any headway with my writing. But it wasn’t because I lacked training or experience.

I understood what good writing should look like and had clear goals for my stories.

But that knowledge wasn’t helping yet.

When I’d explain my premise or my characters’ motivations to my beta readers, they fell in love with those ideas! But after reading my actual manuscript, they’d miss half of what I was trying to convey. They thought the story dragged and didn’t get to the point quickly enough. Certain events and sequences were confusing for them to follow.

I felt like banging my head against the wall. These people were part of my target audience. They even admitted that they should be raving fans of my story!

But I could never get them to see the story I was trying to tell.

And no matter how many times I attempted to tackle the problem with a little more determination or elbow grease, nothing changed.

I was stranded on a plateau.

And I needed a breakthrough.

That’s when I decided to switch tactics, because muscling through wasn’t working. Over the years, I began experimenting with new approaches.

The results?

    • My writing quality improved in 1 month instead of taking 6-9 months.
    • I began to trust my skills and stopped second-guessing myself.
    • I gained confidence as I saw how much stronger my writing could become.

At last I found a path leading out of that writing plateau.

When people read my writing today, they understand and enjoy the story I’m trying to tell. And when they don’t, I know how to fix it. I grow at a steady rate, I can track my progress, and I believe in my ability to succeed at my vocation.

What caused this radical transformation?

For starters, I stopped repeating the same old tactics and expecting a different outcome.

More importantly, however, I adopted new strategies. I didn’t passively read more books and articles about story craft. I got my hands dirty engaging in specific practices that enabled me to climb past my current plateaus.

And I walked away with the tools I’ll need to escape future plateaus as well.

I created this course because I want to teach you how to achieve the same triumph.

What is the Breakthrough course?

The Breakthrough course is a series of video lessons that will provide the tools you need to climb past four common writing plateaus that stagnate growth:

    • The novel you just can’t fix no matter how many times you revisit it.
    • The writing techniques you can’t master no matter how many books and articles you read.
    • The time management you can’t learn no matter how much you rearrange your schedule.
    • The guilt and stress you feel no matter how much (or little) you focus on building your platform.

If you’re just grinding your teeth and trying to push through, you’ll keep smashing into bigger obstacles than before.

But with the right strategies, you’ll know how to avoid these problems and become a writer who’s finally making progress again.

So what’s the cost?

We know. That’s the question you’ve been asking since halfway down this page.

We could calculate the price a couple different ways.

One approach is to consider how much progress you’ll make if you could bypass weeks, months, and even years of banging your head against faulty strategies. According to that measurement, you might save a couple thousand dollars worth of time and frustration.

Another approach is to tally up the hours of experience, research, and planning we put into the material and use that to determine the cost. According to that measurement, the price tag would need to be at least a hundred dollars.

But we don’t want you to keep watching your dreams slip out of your grasp while you’re trapped on a writing plateau.

So we’re making this affordable for any writer who’s found themselves stuck and searching for an escape route.

That’s why we’re only charging $25.

While the time, money, and aggravation it will save you is worth much more than that, our goal is for as many writers as possible to be able to enroll and achieve the transformation Daeus talks about.

What people are saying about the course…

“This course is a refresh on how to take your writing life in stride (without collapsing along the way).”
Bronte Clark

This course addresses various myths that are easy to believe and follows up with actionable steps to break through the myths. It challenges what you’ve believed about writing while filling it up with new approaches and motivation to try the strategies out.”
Tonya LaCourse

“This is an amazing, wisdom-packed course that I only wish I had watched earlier. Would highly recommend it to anyone who is stuck and frustrated just thinking about a writing project!”
Bojidar Marinov

Are you ready to break past your current writing plateau?

The Breakthrough Course


Questions? Email daeus@storyembers.org!

About the Instructor

Daeus Lamb

Daeus Lamb

Daeus Lamb is the author of God of Manna  and currently serves as the outreach & community director at Story Embers. In addition to those pursuits, he runs Excelsior Writing School and a YouTube channel dedicated to analyzing the fantasy genre. He loves juggling words. He also loves people, fictional or real (but he doesn’t juggle them).

“We resolve to be teachable, weighing the advice of others because we always have room to grow, and to be humble, acknowledging that we are not writing the greatest story but merely pointing readers to it.”

– Christian Storytellers Manifesto

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