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Your faith shouldn’t be on the sidelines.

Learn how to reconnect your worldview with your writing so you can impact readers.

Dates: May 23-25, 2024

“How Do I Approach This Story Problem as a Child of God?”

Christian novelists face a variety of thorny questions when they sit down to write.

“How do I describe trauma without plunging my readers into darkness?”

“How do I market my work while remaining humble?”

“How do I keep themes age-appropriate without dumbing them down?”

The world can’t provide the answers you need.

That’s why this summit exists.

This May, we’ll help you discover how your faith intersects with your writing life when you’re struggling with your story.

Because you shouldn’t have to find answers alone.

Not when experienced Christian authors can guide you.


Chris Fabry

Chris is an award-winning author and radio personality who hosts the daily program Chris Fabry Live on Moody Radio. His novels have won five Christy Awards, an ECPA Christian Book Award, and two Awards of Merit from Christianity Today.

Colleen Coble

Colleen is CEO of ACFW. Her novels have finaled in or won multiple awards: Best Books of Indiana, the Carol Award, Romance Writers of America RITA, Holt Medallion, National Readers’ Choice, and Booksellers Best. She has over five million books in print.

The Authentic Characters Summit was the best online conference I’ve ever attended. The intense focus on character development has forever impacted the way I craft my stories.”

Crystal Caudill

2020 Summit Attendee

“Story Embers has become my primary resource on the craft of writing Christian fiction. I come away feeling more confident about editing my drafts.”

Nicole Gusto

2023 Summit Attendee

Be Ready to Solve the Toughest Dilemmas

When giant-sized questions cross your path, you don’t want to be caught empty-handed.

Groping around for answers could delay your story’s progress for months.

At the 2024 Story Embers Summit, we understand the unique challenges Christian writers wrestle with.

Our sessions will explore how you can use your faith to tackle obstacles head-on.

When you learn from experts, you’ll avoid staying up all night wondering how to move forward.

We’ll come alongside to help.

New in 2024: Pre-Summit Session

The Rise of the Artificial and the Pursuit of Real Creativity

The Rise of the Artificial and the Pursuit of Real Creativity

Allen Arnold

Writers are simultaneously fascinated and fearful of AI—looking to it for help while realizing it is also learning from us and competing with us. But AI is just one example of the dangers of the artificial in our lives. In this bonus session, Allen Arnold, the founding publisher of Thomas Nelson Fiction and author of Risk the Real, offers a reorientation for how to pursue real creativity by infusing our lives with the real.

Day One: Building a Career

Opening Keynote: How to Persevere When the Results Aren’t What You Hoped for

Opening Keynote: How to Persevere When the Results Aren’t What You Hoped for

Chris Fabry

Maybe you didn’t land an agent after pitching multiple times. Or your latest release received negative reviews. Now you’re disappointed and doubting yourself. In this opening keynote, award-winning author Chris Fabry shares how he’s learned to embrace writing as a calling and find meaning in the process, no matter the outcome.

Interview: How to Build a Brand & Platform That Truly Serves Readers

Interview: How to Build a Brand & Platform That Truly Serves Readers

Victoria Lynn

Building a platform centered on who you are and what you write can feel self-absorbed. But what if the most effective strategy is an attitude of service? In this interview, Victoria Lynn, founder of Glory Writers, will help you shift the focus from yourself to your readers so you can reach more people who need your stories.
Presentation: How to Sell Yourself as a Christian Author without Feeling Sleazy

Presentation: How to Sell Yourself as a Christian Author without Feeling Sleazy

Thomas Umstattd Jr.

Have you ever wondered why some talented authors go unnoticed while poor quality books become bestsellers? The reason is simple and may change the future for your book. In this presentation, Thomas Umstattd Jr., host of the Novel Marketing Podcast, will teach you three techniques you can use to market yourself successfully without being “salesy.”
Interview: Building a Robust Writing Habit When Your Schedule Is Crazy

Interview: Building a Robust Writing Habit When Your Schedule Is Crazy

Candice Yamnitz

Other responsibilities often crowd out writing. Kids. School. Work. Over the years, author & homeschool mom Candice Yamnitz has come up with creative solutions to this problem, such as taking advantage of short breaks and unexpected quiet times. In this interview, she explains how writing consistently is possible, even when life is unpredictable.

Day Two: Story Mechanics

Interview: Writing Honest Fiction for Young Adult Audiences

Interview: Writing Honest Fiction for Young Adult Audiences

Katherine Briggs

Teenagers long to be treated like mature individuals who can handle serious issues. But it can be tricky to meet this desire without overwhelming them. In this interview, Katherine Briggs, author of The Eternity Gate, draws from her experience as a middle school teacher to help you craft YA fiction that’s strikingly real yet age-appropriate.
Presentation: Crafting a Fight Scene from Start to Finish

Presentation: Crafting a Fight Scene from Start to Finish

Carla Hoch

Do you ever approach a fight scene knowing how you want it to end–but not how to describe the action in an entertaining way? In this presentation, award-winning author Carla Hoch, founder of FightWrite.net, will offer you a step-by-step guide to crafting realistic and engaging clashes between characters.
Presentation: Don't Be Afraid to Let Your Characters Sin Greatly

Presentation: Don't Be Afraid to Let Your Characters Sin Greatly

Josiah DeGraaf

You love your protagonist, so you probably try to prevent her from making horrible decisions. But what if you’re missing an opportunity to surprise readers, drive your plot in new directions, and demonstrate what genuine repentance looks like? In this presentation, Story Embers co-founder Josiah DeGraaf unpacks how modern authors have added more complexity to their stories through the protagonists’ sins.
Presentation: When Writing What You Know Keeps You from Sharing the Soul of Your Story

Presentation: When Writing What You Know Keeps You from Sharing the Soul of Your Story

Sara Ella

“Write what you know.” Every writer has heard this mantra. But what if listening to it stops you from penning the story you were meant to tell? In this presentation, award-winning author Sara Ella examines what happens when focusing too much on perfecting your craft becomes crippling and explains how going against the flow can make you stand out in more ways than one.

Day Three: Characters

Presentation: How Trauma Affects Character Development

Presentation: How Trauma Affects Character Development

Alyssa Hollingsworth

Most stories contain an element of trauma. And that raises a hornet’s nest of concerns for Christian writers whose goal is to balance suffering with hope. In this presentation, award-winning author Alyssa Hollingsworth outlines the latest information on trauma’s impact on young people and how to apply it to your characters.
Interview: Writing Characters’ Pain from Your Own Experience

Interview: Writing Characters’ Pain from Your Own Experience

Jaime Jo Wright

When you’ve experienced the thorns of life, writing can help you process the hurt and speak to readers in similar thickets. But how can you stay emotionally healthy while doing so? And how can you write from your pain without preaching from it? In this interview, multi-award-winning author Jaime Jo Wright talks about how to effectively draw from your life story when writing your novel.
Presentation: The Secret to Creating Three-Dimensional Characters

Presentation: The Secret to Creating Three-Dimensional Characters

Steven James

What no one is revealing about characterization: status is the key to creating three-dimensional characters. In this presentation, bestselling author Steven James will help you understand the dance of submission/dominance that every relationship has and how situational and substantive status affects every character in your novel.


Closing Keynote: Loving Your Readers with Truth-Telling

Closing Keynote: Loving Your Readers with Truth-Telling

Colleen Coble

Scripture calls you to love your neighbor as yourself. But this encompasses more than giving readers an enjoyable story. It’s also about promoting truth and plumbing the depths of your own struggles to comfort and encourage the hurting. In this closing keynote, USA Today bestselling author Colleen Coble describes how to practice authenticity to connect and empathize with readers.

Sessions That Make a Difference

“There wasn’t just one or two practical ideas in each session. The sessions were LOADED with applicable tips.”

Tabitha Driver

2021 Summit Attendee

Worried About Watching Videos All Day?

That’s why we run Story Embers Summits differently.

We know that you yearn for connections with other Christian writers who get the struggle.

So we offer an interactive approach that enables you to meet fellow attendees in small groups over Zoom.

And this year we’ve added 50% more live calls to the schedule!


Daily Discussion Calls

Face-to-face conversations beat text chats and Facebook discussions hands down. We organize exclusive calls via Zoom so you can talk through questions and make new friends.

Peer Critique Opportunity

Team up with other attendees to apply the lessons from the summit and help each other tackle revisions. You’ll see instant results in your current manuscript!

I came away from the summit with so many notes and a critique group to boot!

Faith Leslie

2023 Summit Attendee

New in 2024: Query Letter Workshop

(Limited Availability)

The frustration is real. A writer pitches a story and gets rejected, but she never knows why or what she can do to improve it. 

What if you had a chance to hear an agent critique your query letter and point out its strengths and weaknesses?

This all-new workshop gives attendees a front-row seat to LIVE feedback from the gatekeepers of the publishing industry.

Select the Gold Registration option to sign up for this special opportunity—and hurry, because slots are very limited!

Jessica Schmeidler

Jessica Schmeidler

Golden Wheat Literary

Rachel Kent

Rachel Kent

Books & Such Agency

Christian Storytellers Were Made to Be Bold

But too often, fear overwhelms writers as they try to portray the world’s beauty and depravity.

This spring, we’d like to help you overcome that paralysis and gain the confidence you need.

We’ll study difficult topics together and root you in professional craft advice as well as biblical truth.

We’ll introduce you to seasoned Christian authors who have already thought deeply about issues and won victories.

And when the event is over, you’ll be better equipped to tell stories that help readers face hardships and moral quandaries with confidence.

Are you ready to find answers to the challenges Christian storytellers wrestle with?

Standard Attendance


  • Access to all 14 sessions from May 23-25
  • Access to a Facebook group where we discuss the sessions
  • Participation in writing sprints and challenges

Premium Attendance


  • Everything in the Standard Attendance tier, plus…
  • Permanent access to all sessions during and after the summit
  • Access to live discussion & critique calls

Gold Attendance


  • Everything in the Premium Attendance tier, plus…
  • Feedback on your query letter by a panel of agents

Registration open until May 18th.

Questions? Email brianna@storyembers.org!

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How We’ve Helped Past Summit Attendees

“I’ve never before gained such an in-depth understanding of the different facets of creating an authentic character.”

K.M. Small

2020 Summit Attendee

“I adored every moment of the Resonant Themes Summit! I’ve never heard anyone talk about writing, especially writing for the kingdom, like the beautiful people at Story Embers did.”

Bin Userkaf

2022 Summit Attendee

“The amount of information I took away was worth every penny and minute spent.”

Jessica Strange

2022 Summit Attendee

“Whether taught by well-known professionals in the CBA or Story Embers’ young, enthusiastic, and talented staff, each session presented invaluable information that all writers can benefit from. Highly recommended!”

Dawn Shipman

2020 Summit Attendee

About Your Host

Daeus Lamb is the author of The Songkiller’s Symphony and God of Manna. He’s passionate about helping Christian writers craft stories that are raw, real, and resonant.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the summit schedule look like?

Sessions will run at 3:00, 4:00, 7:00, and 8:00 p.m. EDT each day, with daily discussion calls starting at 9:00 p.m. EDT.

On Thursday, we’ll launch our special pre-summit session at 12:00 p.m. EDT.

On Saturday, we’ll host the critique call at 11:00 a.m. EDT and the Query Letter Workshop at 1:00 p.m. EDT.

What if I can’t attend all the sessions live?

All sessions are recorded. If you enroll with the standard option, you’ll have access to the videos until midnight on May 27th. If you enroll with the premium option, you’ll have lifetime access.

How are the daily discussion calls hosted?

All live calls will happen via Zoom breakout rooms, with no more than 8 people in a single group.

Do I have to attend the daily discussion calls?

No. Although we encourage all premium attendees to join so they get the most out of the summit, writers can choose which events/activities they participate in.

What if I don’t have a Facebook account?

We only use Facebook to lead the community discussions that are part of the summit. The sessions are hosted on our website, so you won’t need a Facebook account to view them.

Is the Query Letter Workshop only for writers who have finished a novel and are actively pursuing publication?

This exclusive session is designed to help writers at any stage, whether they have a completed novel, a rough draft, or just an idea. Even if you’re not ready to pitch yet, getting feedback on your story concept can show you where it shines and where it needs work. Plus, the experience will prepare you for interactions with agents later on.

Do you offer scholarships to writers with financial needs?

A limited number of standard registration scholarships are available. To apply, please fill out this form before May 1st. After that date, we’ll choose our candidates, and you’ll only hear from us if you’re chosen.

Can family members attend with me?

If you have the privilege of living in the same household as other writers, you just need to register once to be able to watch the sessions together.

I registered but didn’t receive a confirmation email. What should I do?

Please check your spam box, and if you can’t find it in there, reach out to our summit director at the email below.

What if I have a question that isn’t answered here?

Email brianna@storyembers.org to get a response!

Don’t miss your chance to get…

Faith-First Answers

Christ isn’t an add-on to your writing life. We’ll help you develop robust answers to the questions secular writers don’t ask.

New Christian Writer Friends

Too many Christian storytellers feel lost and alone. We’ll give you outlets to form relationships with fellow Christian writers across the globe.

Refreshed Motivation

Are you tired of repeating the same methods over and over without results? We’ll help you rediscover your inspiration and renew your love of writing for God’s glory.

“If you’re looking for quality training from stellar speakers, then look no farther. This is not Christianese fluff but practical advice to show readers how the faith and hope we have applies to real life.”

Alicia Williams

2023 Summit Attendee

“What sets the Story Embers team apart from other groups is their steadfast belief that good storytelling is not at odds with the Christian life but central to it–and worth fighting to redeem. The quality of teaching that they offer is phenomenal.”

Christopher Babcock

2021 Summit Attendee

“We resolve to remember that the purpose of storytelling is to glorify God and that our worth is not founded in our authorship, but in being sons and daughters of the King.”

– Christian Storytellers Manifesto

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