I like to be elaborate with my artwork, hiding detail in every square inch of my piece. But occasionally I enjoy taking a break to try something simple. This helps me relax and appreciate the breathtaking complexity of a single object of God’s creation.


How can a creature as petite as this bird contain so much beauty? Simplicity can hold a deep sense of wisdom, and we must remember this in our art and writing. A short, simple story can encompass as much knowledge as a 90,000-word book. A single sentence can be as powerful as a whole page. A quick sketch can be as lovely as a mural.


I could’ve added trees and sky to this piece, but I decided not to, because that would have detracted from the bird’s bold colors. Sometimes you can use simplicity in a story or painting to highlight the true meaning and beauty.

Mariposa Aristeo is a self-taught artist and aspiring children’s author who captures the glories of God’s creation on paper. She is a graphic designer and the Instagram manager here at Story Embers and desires to encourage other storytellers in crafting novels that ignite the imagination and warm the heart.

If you ask her what her favorite things are, she would probably say nothing, since she scores a staggering 88 percent on introversion. However, if you ask her to write about it, she’ll give a five-page treatise on palm trees, chocolate-covered pineapple, and plumerias. Her favorite pastimes include card-making, baking, hiding Easter eggs in her art, exploring Disney World, burning spiders at the stake, perusing the works of John MacArthur and Charles Spurgeon, and reading every dinosaur book she can get her hands on. Her assistant, Aberdeen the Authorosaurus (an ink-drinking, book-eating dinosaur), helps supply her with ideas, taste-test her pages, and get her back to writing by threatening to sit on her. If you want to read about his exploits in her office, writerly dinosaurian advice, or nonsensical sense, please visit: DinosDigest.com.

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